Bug#425120: nvram-wakeup: Conflicting binary name (/usr/sbin/time)

Frank Lin PIAT fpiat at klabs.be
Fri Jan 2 13:15:25 UTC 2009

Package: nvram-wakeup
Version: 0.97-14
Followup-For: Bug #425120


The command time is provided by two packages:
 /usr/bin/time   time(1)
 /usr/sbin/time  nvram-wakeup(8)

The policy (section 10.1) states that:
> Two different packages must not install programs with different 
> functionality but with the same filenames. (The case of two programs
> having the same functionality but different implementations is 
> handled via "alternatives" or the "Conflicts" mechanism. See 
> Maintainer Scripts, Section 3.9 and Conflicting binary packages
> - Conflicts, Section 7.4 respectively.)
> If this case happens, one of the programs must be renamed.

Therefore, I assume this bug's severity should be serious, so it is an
RC bug and it is candidate for a freeze exception.

BTW, Thank you for maintaining VDR, which I am using a system at home.


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