Lenny VDR packages

Tobias Grimm tobias.grimm at e-tobi.net
Sat Jan 10 10:43:13 UTC 2009

Hi everyone!

I kindly ask everyone reading this, to do some final testing of the VDR
packages in Debian/Lenny to make sure, there are no more release
critical bugs.

For the VDR package itself I requested a freeze exception, so that we
now have the latest version in Lenny.


I'll probably request a freeze exception for #501337 as well, because
this can be really annoying. A better long term solution would probably
be, to make VDR unload plugins that fail to initialize properly.


#473138 should probably be raised to important and qualifies for a
freeze exception as well. #452688 is a documentation issue and it should
be no problem to get a freeze exception for this as well.

I couldn't test all plugins, but at least the important ones work just fine.



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