Hi dearest one,

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  Hi dearest one,

Compliment of the day

My name is Miss Augustina James ,a young girl from  Abidjan in Ivory
Coast.Are you a God fearing fellow? I know that you may be surprise while I
am asking you this question, because I have been in hell since the death of
my parents and what my eyes have seen through my wicked uncle made me to
fear any one I come across and i even questioning my aeon earth, please
consider my situation.

 I am the only surviving child to late Mr/Mrs James Kone. My parents were
famous farmers specialised in cocoa and gold business when they were alive.
After the death of my mother, my father  took over the family business alone
until he was poisoned by his business associate after he was given the
chairman of the association in Abidjan known as the economic capital which
he suffered the sickness and died recently. I am presently living alone in
my country as an orphan.

  Before his death in a private hospital when i came back from Ghana where
am schooling, he called me and told me about the sum of six million three
hundred thousand US dollars ($6.3 million) he left in a fixed account in a
bank here in my country, It was the money he intended to transfer overseas
for foreign investment before he was poisoned. He told me that he deposited
the money to be transferred abroad for investment purpose. After the burial
i went to the bank for the release of the money ,the bank director told me
that my father use my name as next of kin but that am not up to the age as
the agreement  bond that i should appoint a guardian on my behalf so that
they can release the money on his behalf.

      Now i am facing a hell of pressures in my country now and the people
who poisoned my father is after my life. I have been severely attacked by
unknown gun men in the formal hotel where i been hiding, right now two young
girl had been killed by this assassins in that hotel as a mistaken of

My uncle who was quarrelling with my late father was the one behind this
problem, meanwhile he has taken over my father business as well and was
seeking to kill me, my life was in danger and in a hideout where no one
knows. Nobody is away of the money as am talking to you now as advice by my
late father may their souls rest in perfect peace AMEN. i want the money  to
be transfer to your choice account and you will invest it wisely as my late
father advised.

To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my
education and to secure a resident permit for me in your country.
To will invest the money in any business you know well in your country, I am
willing to offer you 20% of the total money as a reward for your assistance
in the transfer and we shall discuses your percents in any profits of the

Thanks and GOD bless

Yours, Augustina.
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