Bug#552638: (package vdr) debian-rules-not-a-makefile

Tobias Grimm tobias.grimm at e-tobi.net
Sun Nov 8 21:55:46 UTC 2009

Sven Mueller wrote:

> In the end, I think that debian/rules should be changed so that it can,
> itself, build the special vdr variant (most importantly the vdr-devel
> and associated plugin packages).

This is simply not that easy and would make debian/rules ugly and hard to

> So except for the clause: 'it must start with the line "#!/usr/bin/make
> -f"', the vdr package fulfills all requirements of policy 4.9
> And in my humble opinion, that requirement is unneeded and unnecessarily
>  causes the vdr package to fail the policy requirements.

That's my opinion too. But unfortunately there are enough "conservative"
people that think otherwise. (See the discussion at debian-devel).

We finally decided to drop the make-special-vdr from the Debian packages
alltogether and manage the building of vdrdevel externally.


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