Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi abdullah_ahmad1 at
Thu Mar 4 15:59:09 UTC 2010

Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi writes,
To whom it may concern,
I need no introduction,  I am Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi .
Recently, i stepped down in favor of my successor (Najib Tun Razak), during
the UMNO General Assembly held on 1 April 2009 as The Prime Minister of
Malaysia. My reason for contacting you is to implore your attention to an
investment proposal. I am willing to invest a certain amount in your
company/organization or if you have a business idea that is worth investing
in, it depends solely on your business plan, marketing plan and project
feasibility study. Send me an email but we will communicate simply on phone
not basically email.
I will need you to call me on the provided number +60162908461 or write at my
You must be brief, Introduce yourself, your nature of business and how much
you want me to invest . Kindly respect the following instructions.
I want only capable, business minded people to respond to my mail.
You are required to call the number given above or reply to my email.
If you are uncertain about this mail, please disregard.
I am demanding a 20% ROI and it will be for a period of seven years.

Your call is awaited.
Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi.


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