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Sat Mar 6 23:43:56 UTC 2010

Good Day Sir/Ma,

Swift Loans Finance is one of the UK's leading providers of secured
personal loans. With helpful staff and a range of products to suit most
circumstances, they pride themselves on offering a service second to none.

Are you in need of a Loan of any amount? Has the bank or Payday Loan
Company refused your Loan Application because of your Low Credit Score or
Lack of Collateral Security? and you are in an urgent need of  this
Personal Or Business Loan to re-finance your business, pay your bills,
settle your bad credit problems, buy and own a house of your own? etc. 
Your Search is over because Swift Loans  AND SECURITIES LIMITED is a
British Approved and Legitimate well known Loan Lending Company with An
Asset and Credit Worth of  $98.6Million USD which is here to give you the
loan of your choice.

Our company gives out Personal, Business, Auto, International, Home
Renovation, Car and Mortgage Loans from the tune of £3,000 - £75,000  USD
at an Affordable Interest Rate of 2%. Also to Get a Loan From Our Company
you don't need a Collateral Security or Credit Check all you need is:-

1) Location:
2) Occupation:
3) Sex:
4) Marital Status:
5) Phone Number:
6) Duration Needed For Loan:
7) Loan Amount Needed:
8) Monthly Income
9) loan Duration
10) full Name

Then your Loan gets Approved and wired to your designated bank account in
less than 48 Hours.

So, If you are in need of a Personal, Business, Auto, International, Home
Renovation, Car and Mortgage Loans today

And fill up the application with the amount of loan you need and when you
intend paying back the loan.


Best Regards,
Swift Loans

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