Bug#444197: Any progress on that packaging ?

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud didier at raboud.com
Thu Mar 11 15:34:20 UTC 2010

Le Vendredi 21 Décembre 2007 00:36:35 Tobias Grimm, vous avez écrit :
> Hello Oliver,
> Olivier Berger wrote:
> > I'd be interested in that package... any news ?
> replex is already packaged, but not yet uploaded to Debian.
> You can find the binary package for Etch or Sid here:
>    deb http://e-tobi.net/vdr-experimental sid base
>    deb http://e-tobi.net/vdr-experimental etch base
> and the source package here:
>    deb-src http://e-tobi.net/vdr-experimental sid base
> ( browsable via http://www.e-tobi.net/vdr-experimental/ )
> Best Regards,
> Tobias

Hi Tobias, 

I'd now be in need of that package. Are you willing to maintain it in Debian ? I 
could help you maintain it otherwise. I saw that your packaging is GPL2, so I 
could easily take it and push it without much changes to Debian, but I'd rather 
help you do it. :-)

Thanks in advance for an answer,


Didier Raboud, proud Debian Maintainer (DM).
CH-1020 Renens
didier at raboud.com
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