Bug#573896: vdr 1.6.0 does not work for french HD TV. vdr 1.7.13 does at least record the video stream.

Tobias Grimm tobias.grimm at e-tobi.net
Mon Mar 15 19:07:07 UTC 2010

Eric Valette wrote:

> Problem is that french dvb-t TV has HDTV (3 channels among 18 and the
> most viewed ones) for  for more than a year now => please package 1.7.x
> for french people.

1.7.x is a development version, which is not suitable for a release yet.

We have some public repositories [1][2][3] with vdr 1.7.x for Lenny and
Squeeze, but before vdr 1.8 we will not upload a new version to Debian.

[1] http://e-tobi.net/vdr-ng-experimental/
[2] http://e-tobi.net/vdrdevel-experimental/
[3] http://debian.oppserver.net/


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