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Mon Mar 29 23:06:26 UTC 2010

Urgent Attention from an Orphan child=20
after going through your profile, I was convinced and I feel I should tell =
you about this.I am Ms. Patience Blah, After the death of my mother, my fat=
her took over the family business alone until he was poisoned by his busine=
ss associate after he was given the chairman of the association in Abidjan =
known as the economic capital which he suffered the sickness and died recen=
tly, he quickly sent for me as the only born daughter before his untimely d=
eath. He told me all about this US$4.2 millions, he deposited here in a ban=
k on my name as next of kin. You will stand as my guardian that will help m=
e settle in your country to continue my education while you invest the mone=
y in real estate or any lucrative venture; I am honourably seeking your ass=
istance in the following ways: Please I need your assistance in this ways. =
1. Can I completely trust you? 2. I will offer you 35% after the transfer, =
will you like it? 3. Can you help me to come over to your country and furth=
er my educational carrier? No matter what your decision may turn to be I hu=
mbly begging you to reply to me Thanks and God bless you =20
From; Ms. Patience Blah.

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