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please don’t get offended at my email because i send it for a good cause. I have an intention of helping the needy so my mail here may seem unusual to you, but please read it and will find out what i am trying to do.

My name’s Mrs Aurora Romero, i am 72 years old, i live in England. I am old and have a heart condition; my doctor said i don’t have much time to live so i will be leaving this earth soon. I have shared most of my property to charity, the Red Cross, and some local churches. I now remembered that i have funds in a bank here in Europe. I want someone to claim this money and use it to help the needy while you help yourself as charity from me.

Because you have considered reading this email, i feel i can entrust the funds in you. So i want you to receive the money personally. I am hereby giving it to you out of self sacrifice and not demanding anything from you. I will have my lawyer assist you because you will need legal backup.

You are to keep half of the money to yourself and the remaining half will be given to charity with the help of my lawyer. Remember the poor and always maintain a generous heart. If you are kind enough to do this for the needy with trust, reply me so i can tell you how to contact my lawyer.

With warm regards,
Mrs Aurora Romero.
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