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Good Day,

On continual research development programmes on World fast growing Economy as published by Government through her Embassies reflecting Essentially in the commercial Attaches in London United Kingdom.

However, your contact information reflect on public records as contained on government information service Gazettes and whoever appear on the public record is relatively Credible.

I am Dr.Walker Smith Micheal Chief Accountant of the World and Sub regional organization.

United Nation (UN) in partnership with AFRICA UNION (AU) IS affiliated office in London.

I wish to intimate you with this proposal in my capacity as a Chief Accountant and in full agreement with the Auditor general of this able organisation (UN/AU).

We scrutinized all records and the accounts of awarded and executed contracts of this organization (UN/AU) since the inception of NEPAD/UNITED NATION DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE in Ecowas sub-region state and we carefully uncover and mapped out a whopping sum of $20.5m which we want to transfer into your account as the beneficiary, you can authentically apply for supply if it interest you to be our client with full guarantee from me.

The money $20.5m has been approved for payments by this organization.

The Financial Trustee (endorsed by the accountant general of the organization) and to be paid to the beneficiary account under contract number UN/NEPAD/OGN/FMF/GCB/B25/7/006.

As a top civil servant, we are not allowed to operate foreign bank account hence our decision to use your accounts in full trust and confidence to transfer this money outside United Nation and NEPAD in ECOWAS sub-region.We will accept you as our principal partner and contractor in sum of $20.5m.Moreover it is pertinent to note that it is risk free and does not require much engagement since we have taken care of the deal in full capacity.

Please contact me through my private email address below for more lively information.

I am anxiously waiting for your response with hope you will understand the confidential nature of this and its reality is a dream come true.

Best Regards,

Dr.Walker Smith Micheal


26 York Street



walkermicheal1 at hotmail.com
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