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First of all, I seek your indulgence to solicit for your assistance concerning the content of my e-mail, although I am not comfortable discussing it through this manner, due to lots of unsolicited mails on the internet presently, but I have no other medium to do so right now since the situation of my health is deteriorating.

I rejoice that God has indeed given us a Grace which transcends our lack. It is Divine Love; it is the ever flowing river of Gods Charity.

INTRODUCTION: I am Mrs. Dobrila Stanislaus; I am married to late Dr. Viktor Stanislaus of blessed memory a citizen of Republic of Hungary. Who was a reputable business magnet-(Oil Explorer) in United Kingdom for many years before He died of Heart Attack in the year 2008. We were married for Thirty-Five years with a child and our only son died in a ghastly motor accident last year 2010.

My late husband deposited the sum of (£2.800.000.00) Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling with a Bank here in United Kingdom.

Presently I am battling with both lung cancer and stroke and according to my doctor, my medical report quotes a very short life sperm due to my healthcondition that I only have about 1-3 months to live, I do not know but only God can say. That is just my faith as a deteriorating cancer patient. But I pray to God to heal me so that I will be alive and see this work done as my late husband instructed me.

Because my present health condition I have decided to donate the above mentioned funds to an individual Muslim, Christian or any faith, He or She will utilize this funds the way I am going to instruct herein. The Bible and Quran made us to understand that blessed is the hand that giveth. Also our only son who is supposed to inherit this funds and properties is also late and my husbands relatives have possess some of his properties and left me almost with nothing. 

If I ask my relatives or my husband relatives to use these funds for less privilege ones they will use it for their own personal interest. I don't want these funds will be used in such manner; I know we have not meet before but I want you to consider this matter as DIVINE MISSION!!!

I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going; I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus "14 VS 14" says that the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace.

I want you and your family to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd, my happiness is that I lived a worthy life and whoever that wants to serve the God must serve him in spirit and truth.

I want you to understand that God is God, Muslim and Christian worship one and the same God 'Oneness' is a primary attribute of God. I believe in one God, so your religion is not a problem with this mission as it is meant for the less privilege once.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you more details regarding this great mission.

Remain blessed.
Yours Sister in Christ,
Mrs. Dobrila Stanislaus.
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