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Stefano Zacchiroli zack at debian.org
Sun Apr 16 00:57:16 UTC 2006

On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 12:10:28AM +0200, Franz Pletz wrote:
> Anyway, I sent Norbert a mail with my username (fp-guest) 2 days ago.
> No response yet.

Let's ping it publicly:

  Hei Nobse, could you please add Franz (username fp-guest on alioth) to
  the pkg-vim group on alioth so that it can work on vim-latexsuite
  directly on svn?


> Sure, the diff is at http://franz-pletz.org/debian/vim-latexsuite/. I've
> already incorporated all the changes I deemed useful from svn. So you can
> basically just replace everything currently in svn.

Uhm, there's a small problem with your .diff: it touches two files which
are outside the debian/ dir.

Since on svn (following the good practice of many other collaborative
maintenance alioth projects) we only keep the debian/ dir and not the
upstream sources, this is a problem. If you need to modify stuff outside
debian/ you should use some patch management system so that the patches
themselves reside under debian/ and they are applied/unapplied with
target in debian/rules.  For vim itself we use quilt, but it's
definitely overkilling for vim-latexsuite. I suggest you to go for
dpatch, which is well integrated with svn-buildpackage too.

Can you please change your .diff so that no files outside debian/ are
modified by it?  Then I will be happy to commit it on svn for you or,
better, you can do it by yourself as soon as you get added to the
pkg-vim project.

> In the meantime, former maintainer Artur Czechowski contacted me and
> sent me a few changes he made a while ago. Some of those aren't in the
> current version though because I haven't got the time yet. I'll upload a
> new version with these changes later today.


> > PS are you subscribed to pkg-vim-maintainers? If not please do so, it is
> >    the central place for coordinating vim-related work ...
> Yes, as a matter of fact I subscribed right after having heard of the
> pkg-vim project. ;-)

Ok, so I can stop spamming you with double mails :-)


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