Bug#582421: [Patch] Floating point is broken if :lang is called in gvim

James Vega vega.james at gmail.com
Thu May 20 18:18:23 UTC 2010


If the locale is changed in gvim via ":lang" to a locale which uses
comma for the decimal separator, then floating point numbers are no
longer usable.  This only happens with the ":lang $locale" variant,
since that sets $LANG before calling gtk_set_locale().

  env LANG=C gvim
  :lang es_ES.UTF-8
  :lang messages C  " so errors are in English
  :echo ceil(1.2)
  E806: using Float as a String
  E116: Invalid arguments for function ceil(1.2)
  E15: Invalid expression: ceil(1.2)
  :echo str2float('1.2')
  :echo str2float('1,2')

Attached patch fixes the issue by ensuring $LC_NUMERIC is set to C if
the LC_ALL version of :lang is called.

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