Uploading experimental pwlib/openh323 to unstable

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo jsogo@debian.org
Sat, 1 May 2004 17:55:16 +0200

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  As part of the steps needed to upload new versions to unstable, I want
  to start uploading to experimental packages compiled against versions
  in unstable, with Debian VoIP Team set as maintainer.

  For now I have made a hughe cleanup in gnugk package, splitting patch
  into different patches (I still need to check if 05_makefile is
  needed). It is available in trunk/ dir of package in svn repo.

  I'd like to hear from you Mark.

  BTW, regarding to SVN repo. After talking with Kilian we agreed about
  copying each release to tags/ dir. This way normal development (when
  only one version is available) can be made in trunk/. If two versions
  are available, as it's the case of gnugk, experimental development
  will be made on trunk/ and we can make unstable releases by only
  copying tag/'latest_version_in_unstable'

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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