module-assistant support for zaptel

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
Fri, 01 Apr 2005 20:03:35 +0200

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El vie, 01-04-2005 a las 18:22 +0300, Tzafrir Cohen escribi=C3=B3:
> OK. Finally got it working. This was done by replacing the bogus
> /usr/share/modass/packages/zaptel-source with a "standard" one. I didn't
> put any "override" as I don't believe we need to fix in zaptel-source a
> bug of module-assistant. For now I'd recommend the user to manually:
>   rm /usr/share/modass/packages/zaptel-source=20
>   ln -s /usr/share/modass/packages/zaptel-source=20

 Gah! Sad to hear this. I think that for some reason you're not using
latest zaptel from SVN. During some days a zaptel-source.modass file
existed in SVN which was installed as an override for m-a. I filled a
bug which was fixed the other day, so I changed back to don't ship that
overrides file and depend on m-a >=3D 0.8.1

> I don't see why such file should exist in modass if the source for
> zaptel is not available in the first place. It should be provided by
> zaptel-source and not exist if zaptel-source is not installed. At the
> moment ModAss reports of many shource packages I have "available" when I
> actually have almost none of them.

 They are there because you can select them and let m-a install source
package if needed. That is the way that m-a a-i module works. For that
it needs to have first a file telling m-a which packages it does need to
install (using apt).

> Anyway, my rules file is attached. It has very few rapid-specific parts,
> but I believe that both those changes should come into Debian:
> 1. There should not be a default /etc/zaptel.conf . It is documented in
> the example. If you want to satisfy ztcfg, touch /etc/zaptel.conf on
> postinst it there is no such file. However there is no point in being
> asked ot upgrade it by dpkg when upgrading the package.

  I am not sure about this. But taking a look at the config file, and
how criptic it is, I don't think we loose a lot by putting it
in /usr/share/doc and telling in README.Debian to copy it over to /etc
if desired... But I would like to hear more comments.

> 2. genzaptelconf is not yet in Debin. Do I need to=20
> file a bug to have it included?

  Does this need to be in a separate source package, or can we include
it with zaptel?

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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