my zaptel and updates

Tzafrir Cohen
Sat, 09 Apr 2005 01:08:23 +0300


I'm working on refreshing my packages. They are, as usual, at

Interesting stuff: 

* zaphfc and qozap did nt build for me. I changed the bristuff patch a
  bit to pass ZAPTELDIR through the environment.

* While I was at it, I have re-added the 'il' tonezone definitions.

* stripping the 2.6 kernel modules. This saves almost 1MB for each
  module package.

* copyright statement for genzaptelconf

* sqlite support split to a separate package, mainly to avoid changing
  the defaults if it is not installed. 
	I realize that adding yet another package to Debian now would be 
	difficult, but I'd appreciate if the asterisk package will provide 
	asterisk-sqlite as well if it were not split.

* zaptel-modules built for most Sarge kernels.

* source package asterisk-addons that build asterisk-mysql and

* destar looks more interesting. Almost installable.

And probably other things I forgot.

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