upstream support

Tzafrir Cohen
Sun, 17 Apr 2005 07:34:33 +0300


Debian's package is not very different from the upstream package.

The major difference is currently bristuff. Other than that most of the
patches are rather minor. This is also a rather visible change to the
end user, as it changes the internal version number of asterisk.

How does the bristuff patch affect users that do not need ISDN?
Specifically: the large population of US people typically wouldn't need
ISDN. How does the bristuff patch affect them?
Any idea if Digium will make an issue supporting the hardware with such

THe rest of the post is a list of the current patches, for the curious
among you.

zaptel and libpri each have a "makefile" and "bristuff" patch.

Patches in asterisk:


  BriStuff. Better ISDN Support. 


  A fix to the setuid process. Feed upstream?


  add -DPIC is a number of makefiles. Still needed? Feed upstream?


  A rather intrusive patch to the main makefile. I believe upstream
	wouldn't like anything from it.


  A smaller patch to the makefiles of some subdirs. Ditto.


  Separate AST_VAR_DIR from AST_DATA_DIR in th code itself. This
	complements the above makefile changes. Again, upstream probably won't
	like it. But what do other packagers do? 

	The suggested Fedora package, for instance, leaves sounds under /var:


  Again, part of the fix to setuid. Feed upstream?


  Use system libgsm. 


  use system pwlib and oh323


  Fix include path of libpq-fe.h (to allow include from /usr/include/ ?)


  Removes graphviz support from doxygen. I figure that the name is
	anachronistic, right? graphviz is now in main.


  Tweaks to the default configuration: no OSS, and the correct path to
	MOH files.


  Don't try to copy them. They're not there, anyway.
	Feed upstream to check if the files are there?

(That said: is anybody feeding our patches upstream? e.g.: add pathes
that are specific to debian to the "autoconf" parts in the makefiles?)

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