Asterisk: why is there a separate asterisk-config package?

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
Tue, 04 Jan 2005 17:35:04 +0100

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El lun, 03-01-2005 a las 20:22 +0100, Jerome Warnier escribi=C3=B3:
> I just noticed that the latest package in Sid ships the configuration
> into a separate package.
> Is there any good reason to do that?
> I would rather split the configuration into each package like h323.conf
> into asterisk-h323, and so on...

 I am very puzzled about that. I guess Mark has a nice reason for making
so, but as asterisk directly Depends on asterisk-config, I don't see any
reason. It will only bloat Packages file, with no gain I can see.

 As Mark is currently moving, I don't know if he will be able to answer
soon, but I'd like to hear about this from him.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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