glob-include patch and manager.d

Tzafrir Cohen
Tue, 21 Jun 2005 00:31:29 +0300


Seems like its time to start thinking about changes again, once Sarge is

One of the patches I have in our Asterisk package[1] is glob-include. It
allows using globbing in the #include directive. This allows me to add
extra files without explicitly configuring the packages about them. The
patch has already been included in HEAD, so it's generally safe to add.

I currently have the following includes:

manager.conf: defaults to listening only on localhost and defines no
users. includes manager.d/*.conf

sip.conf: includes 
- sip-reg.d/*.conf in the general section (for register lines)
- sip-phones/*.conf for standard SIP peers/users

iax.conf: includes 
- iax-reg.d/*.conf in the general section (for register lines)
- iax-phones/*.conf for standard IAX peers/users

- extensions-phones.d/*.conf: entries in [phones] section
- extensions.d/*.conf: for complete sections

IMO most of them are quite useful. Specifically manager.d is very useful
for other packages that will use the manager interface and thus won't
need to edit manager.conf at install time.

What do you think?

[1] See

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