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Kilian Krause kilian at
Thu Feb 23 21:50:03 UTC 2006


> > >I myself do plan more automatic testing with the archive at
> > > which shall become a fully automated
> > >autobuilder from SVN.
> Great :-) . BTW: I recall that there was a "build-all script somewhere
> in the repository but I can't find it now. What do I need in order to
> build daily builds of a chain of dependent packages (e.g: libpri and
> asterisk)? 

Basically the buildd is all attached to the dak already. All that needs
to be done is take some very fancy script of Bastian Blank (waldi at d.o)
and adjust it to the pkg-voip needs. It's some excellent python foo that
already does all the version magic and changelog editing. Yet it's
having a quite different thinking logic than pkg-voip SVN regarding
branches and trunk usage. So, maybe I'll find more time for the weekend.
If anyone wants to poke around with the archive and upload your own
sources for building, just mail me off list and we'll get this sorted
out. (basically all there is for snaps is putting sources into incoming
that are properly versioned and have the 5 correct target dists, from
there it'll be autobuilt and auto-installed)

> Any way to get zaptel-modules to build automatically?

Yes, with new linux-2.6 as soon as the scripting is out. zaptel will
need to build-depend on linux-2.6 then and just magically build the
required linux-modules. I'm not sure that scripting part is yet in the
SID packages, but as promised earlier already, I'll make this fit as
soon as it's in.

Best regards,
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