new unicall packages

Thiago Martins thiago at
Thu Jul 27 17:21:59 UTC 2006

Em Qui, 2006-07-27 às 13:41 -0300, Caio Begotti escreveu:
> Hello list, you guys would mind in taking a look at what I got so far?
> svn co
> It's pretty minimal, small stuff :P
> I'm now trying to run piuparts and pbuilder on them (and I'm still 
> changing files), but I'd appreciate if you all can point me out some of the 
> big mistakes I made before I send them again for a real review later.
> All package have now its own get-orig-source and print-version 
> targets so it should be easy to fetch the sources and test building.
> PS: I believe Thiago Martins just used my sources to make updated snapshot 
> versions of the packages, so I'd like to hear comments from him too...
> PPS: The sonames in the packages' names are all okay now, right?
> Regards,


	I have working on the same sources, and Caio, you help me to much...
thanks! Yes, I made use of its sources, but about that time, I thought
that you he did not work more in them, made a copy and restarted the
work partially

	On this new version, I go studies it! I finished my readings in the
debian-police and new maint guide these days, now I study the CDBS.

	I have the update sources for asterisk, libpri, asterisk-chan-unicall,
asterisk-spandsp-plugins, libmfcr2, libsupertone, libunicall, spandsp,
speex, udev, zaptel and others.

Put this on the sources.list:
deb dapper main
deb-src dapper main


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