Bug#366975: Twinkle won't manage sip URI from Konqueror

Mark Purcell msp at debian.org
Fri May 12 20:08:59 UTC 2006

On Friday 12 May 2006 16:51, Caio Begotti wrote:
> On Friday 12 May 2006 12:14, goldenear at free.fr wrote:
> > Also, I've made a little
> > sip.protocol file. Now, when I click a sip URI in konqueror, a call is
> > placed in twinkle. This is very usefull and might be added to the twinkle
> > package.
> I think it would be better included in some Konqueror set (actually,
> protocols files like this one resides in the kdelibs-data .deb). It's a
> decision to be made by the KDE guys not by the twinkle application, IMHO
> ;-)

But kdelibs-data doesn't know if twinkle is installed and available to handle 
the sip.protocol?  That's what the presence of the services files are 
supposed to do.

From my investigation it tends to be the application providing the service 
which provides the protocol file.

Have a look at:

Also have a look at: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=266600, 
where we end up in the case with more than one application providing the same 

I'm happy to include in the Debian twinkle package.


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