Asterisk 1.4 + bristuff

Faidon Liambotis paravoid at
Sat Jul 21 01:06:34 UTC 2007

Kilian Krause wrote:
> Great! That's wonderful! Can we use the split but keep dpatch to stay
> with just one patch-system for pkg-voip?
It can be done but I don't think it's a good idea.
I use dpatch too, but it doesn't scale. Quilt is perfect for this kind 
of thing and it will really ease our job.

Have a look at it. There are some good slides[1] and a paper[2] that 
explains them.
If you really really want one patch system for pkg-voip (which is a 
rather diverse set, with small, medium and large/heavily patched 
packages) then quilt should be it.

The XSF uses it for all X packages and they are quite happy[3].

> Yes, even though over there it's a mess too if upstream doesn't help.
That's a problem. I have a 50% success when contacting kapejod :) 
Sometimes he replies within hours but sometmes he doesn't reply at all.

BTW, I've forwarded the quilt patchset to him; I hope that he'll use it.

> Fork is not really the way to go as we duplicate more than 80% of the
> code. Thus all security fixes would be doubled (and eventually
> forgotten).
Agreed; it was only suggested as better than nothing.

> Cool. Well, the point in asterisk-classic/asterisk-bristuff was rather
> that some of the support from Digium was bound to an untainted asterisk.
> For that historically people running asterisk-bristuff had been rejected
> from help. This may have changed - in which case we could just ship the
> bristuff-enabled - or we might need to redo the
> asterisk-classic/asterisk-bristuff.
I'm not familiar with that. I haven't requested help from Digium ever 
and I'm not sure if I intend to -- I thought that for real support you 
needed ABE...
Anyway, I'd hate to see splitted packages again, but if that is what 
users want...

What's our plan?

>> I've contributing from time to time various stuff to the team, but I 
>> think it's time to get more involved.
> Sure.
Since you're maintaining openh323/pwlib, I can help there too if you 
want me too, as you've probably seen from my recent bug reports.
I have packages for Titan ready for a work project -- we needed ENUM 
support for GNUgk 2.2.6.
I'm not sure if you (we? :) want a transition to the new versions or a 
second source package along the lines of other libraries (e.g. libdb).

The sure thing is that they should be able to coexist!

Anyway, that's a whole different story.



3: They certainly used it in the SVN days, I'm not sure if they switched 
away with the transition to git.

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