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Kilian Krause kilian at debian.org
Thu Jul 26 09:19:46 UTC 2007


On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 12:03:01PM +0300, Diego Iastrubni wrote:
> While building locally I modify the revision to -0, since our internal build 
> system (like the one in buildserver.net) reduces the revision by one and 
> appends the svn-revision.

if you're running a decent version dak it should handle ~ correctly like
the one on buildserver.net. Check
for a possible checkout script that should be able to solve your

> I forgot to increment the revision to "1", and that last commit reverted. So, 
> should I keep it as "0" or "1"? 

As 1 because even though there's no checkout to buildserver.net yet
which would cause problems with REJECTs. This being said, it can be left
as is if that makes your life and buildd happier.

> I am asking, because our build server gets confused if you upload a "-(0)" 
> revision, since it cannot handle a "-(-1)" revision and it borkes out the 
> build process (Tzafrir, you have to admit, that is the crappiest bug report I 
> have sent to you right...?)

Well, in that case you should check whether it can do 0~xorcom which is
supposed to be smaller than 0.

Best regards,
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