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Lionel Elie Mamane lmamane at
Wed Jun 13 09:44:20 UTC 2007


I am a member of the team maintaining the Asterisk package in Debian,
a GNU/Linux distribution you certainly already know. We have some
doubt about the legal/licensing status of the sound files available
from . Could you
please enlighten us? Thank you in advance.


 - We know about the asterisk-moh-freeplay*.tar.gz files, no question
   about them. They come with a LICENSE.* file that says it all.

 - But the asterisk-core-sounds-fr-*.tar.gz and
   asterisk-core-sounds-es-*.tar.gz files we are unsure about.

   Who is the copyright holder? Digium?

   What license covers these files (or in other words: may we
   distribute them in Debian)? The same as Asterisk itself, that is
   GNU GPL v2?

 - We already assume that the asterisk-core-sounds-en-*.tar.gz are
   copyright Digium and GPLv2-licensed.

 - From a cursory examination, the asterisk-extra-sounds-en-*.tar.gz
   seem to be the same as those under*.tar.gz,
   which bear a copyright notice by jtodd at and a BSD-like

Thank you in advance for you assistance in these matters,

Lionel Elie Mamane

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