Bug#430111: spandsp: FTBFS on amd64: uses lib64 dir.

Kurt Roeckx kurt at roeckx.be
Fri Jun 22 12:13:22 UTC 2007

Package: spandsp
Version: 0.0.4~pre3-1
Severity: serious


Your package is failing to build with the following error on amd64:
/usr/bin/install -c .libs/libspandsp.so.0.0.2 /build/buildd/spandsp-0.0.4~pre3/debian/tmp/usr/lib64/libspandsp.so.0.0.2
(cd /build/buildd/spandsp-0.0.4~pre3/debian/tmp/usr/lib64 && { ln -s -f libspandsp.so.0.0.2 libspandsp.so.0 || { rm -f libspandsp.so.0 && ln -s libspandsp.so.0.0.2 libspandsp.so.0; }; })
(cd /build/buildd/spandsp-0.0.4~pre3/debian/tmp/usr/lib64 && { ln -s -f libspandsp.so.0.0.2 libspandsp.so || { rm -f libspandsp.so && ln -s libspandsp.so.0.0.2 libspandsp.so; }; })
dh_install -a
cp: cannot stat `./debian/tmp/usr/lib/libspandsp.so.0': No such file or directory

Libraries should be installed in the /usr/lib dir in Debian, not in
the /usr/lib64/ dir.  Things will break if you do.


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