Bug#399970: Asterisk and chan_misdn

Lee Garrett lee-in-berlin at web.de
Mon Aug 4 16:12:50 UTC 2008

Victor Seva wrote:
 >  Lee Garrett escribió:
 >> Victor Seva wrote:
 >>> Hi all,
 >> [snip]
 >>> I have now a version [0] of misdn-[kernel | user] with I can finally
 >>> build chan_misdn [1] only adding the proper build-depends (
 >>> libisdnnet-dev ). misdn-user builds static libraries as Simon point
 >>> me to do.
 >> I noticed that your asterisk_1.4.21.2~dfsg-2~bpo40+1_i386.deb in your
 >> backports section doesn't have chan_misdn.so shipped. So I recompiled
 >> that with the suggested build-depends. It compiles all right,
 >> chan_misdn is there, but is not loadable. Asterisk's error log says:
 > AFAIK asterisk_1.4.21.2~dfsg-2~bpo40+1_i386.deb has chan_misdn.so
 > shipped [0].
 > [studebaker]$ debc asterisk_1.4.21.2~dfsg-2~bpo40+1_i386.changes | grep
 > chan_misdn
 > -rw-r--r-- root/root    422976 2008-07-30 00:28:06
 > ./usr/lib/asterisk/modules/chan_misdn.so
 > -rw-r--r-- root/root    622520 2008-07-30 00:28:06
 > ./usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/chan_misdn.so
 > [studebaker]$ pwd

Silly me. I looked into
http://linuxmaniac.torreviejawireless.org/debian/asterisk_backports/, which of 
course does not have chan_misdn.

 > [0]
 > http://linuxmaniac.torreviejawireless.org/debian/asterisk+misdn_backports/
 >> [Aug  3 20:29:57] WARNING[9076] loader.c: Error loading module
 >> 'chan_misdn.so':
 >> libisdnnet.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
 > I can load chan_misdn.so with no such error:
I pulled the packages from 
and they work great. I checked by routing a call from SIP to misdn.

So what's the plan for those packages? Having chan_misdn in Lenny would be 
nice, although misdn V2 is being merged into linus tree right now. Or would it 
be wiser to get the misdn V2 / chan_lcr combo in Lenny? Anyways, whatever the 
decision is, it would be better than _no_ ISDN support for Asterisk.

Thanks for the hard work. It's been a pleasure!

Regards, Lee

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