Bug#489136: rtpproxy: installation fails

Faidon Liambotis paravoid at debian.org
Mon Aug 11 23:07:32 UTC 2008

Marcus, hi,

Marcus Better wrote:
>> Starting rtpproxy: rtpproxy: running this program as superuser in a remote
>> control mode is strongly not recommended, as it poses serious security
>> threat to your system. Use -u option to run as an unprivileged user or -F
>> is you want to run as a superuser anyway. invoke-rc.d: initscript rtpproxy,
>> action "start" failed.
> svn already contains the changes to run as user rtpproxy, however before we 
> can upload this requires a little change: make the control socket group-
> writable by rtpproxy, perhaps using the setgid attribute on the 
> /var/run/rtpproxy directory, or playing with umask (?).
> I'm pretty busy so cannot work on it at the moment.
Wasn't that fixed in r5916?

If so, shouldn't the current version be uploaded to Debian?

Remember, this is an RC bug!


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