Question about asterisk on etch

Jairo Vasquez Moreno jairo.vasquez at
Thu Aug 14 03:54:25 UTC 2008

Good night,

I took your e-mail from the zaptel package firm.

I'm installing asterisk on etch using a digium FXO card.

My question is that asterisk in etch  is in version 1.2 and i want to
install 1.4 so im going to compile de code from but i could use
the zaptel and libpri1.0 packages, but i think that it would be better to
compile all (could be conflicts?)

so, can you tell me what is the best way to install asterisk 1.4 in etch (i
would like a packed based instalation. There's no backports either )

and what is the best graphical manager you recommend? (freepbx??) not for
me... clients need it ;)

i would appreciate your answer

Jairo Vasquez Moreno
Project Engineer
Fluidsignal Group SA
Where security meets business
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