Upload last SVN ptlib, opal to experimental

Eugen Dedu Eugen.Dedu at pu-pm.univ-fcomte.fr
Tue Aug 26 11:10:29 UTC 2008


I would like to make pwlib/opal available in experimental as soon as 
possible.  What should I do?


The diff.gz for ptlib (pwlib) and opal are in 
{pwlib/opal}/branches/experimental on alioth.

Usage: as shown in get-orig-source, in order to build you check out the
SVN {ptlib/opal} repositories, grab the changelog, remove the .svn
directories, apply debian patch and execute debuild&Co.

For info, my .build files are available at
http://eugen.dedu.free.fr/debian (please don't consider lintian warnings
for .svn).

Questions whose answer I don't know:

- I called binaries libpt-2.3 etc. and libopal-3.3; however, the soname
are libpt.so.2.3-beta1 and libopal.so.3.3-beta1; I suppose this is ok
(developers have not answered for ABI changing, but as it is about a
beta, I suppose the ABI won't break (so much))

- the version is 0.svn2008MMDD-1 (like ffmpeg package), is it ok?

- dfsg should be added to opal name because of the removal of iLBC

- where the .svn directories should be removed in rules file: in
get-orig-source, in clean or in install/binary-common/... stuff?

Best regards,
Eugen Dedu

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