Update to Speex

Faidon Liambotis paravoid at debian.org
Sun Mar 16 23:01:21 UTC 2008

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>> So, to the point, we have two issues at hand: the first is that beta3
>> broke ABI wrt 1.0/1.1/1.2beta2 because of the split. We are going to
>> need to bump the SONAME because of that change, e.g. libspeex.so.2.
>> We could do that and diverge from you, but it would be best if you did
>> so yourself. Remember, every ABI-breaking change needs a SONAME bump!
> Except that we disagree on the fact there was an ABI change, since the
> current version of libspeex has the same ABI as the last stable release:
> 1.0.5 -- which is actually shipped by some distros. 
Well, Debian had a release with 1.1 and Ubuntu had 4 releases already 
with 1.1.x, soon (less than a month) to be 5.
It might be a mistake on our part, but it happened and we can't change that.

Packages were built using that version and they're depending on that 
ABI, so we'll have to change the SONAME and the package name.

We *have* to do the bump. If you don't, we'll have to diverge from you 
and we don't like that, that's my point.

 > Also, what are you
> planning to do with libspeexdsp? I'm still planning on making API/ABI
> changes to that one (not libspeex). Are you planning on having
> libspeexdsp.so.8 (or so) once 1.2 is released and the API/ABI freezes?
That's a good question; I was hoping that you weren't going to do more 
ABI-breaking changes in the immediate future, which obviously isn't the 

I'm not sure who needs libspeexdsp right now -- forgive me but the usual 
maintainers are busy for a while now and I had to step up.

If noone important is and you expect to break the ABI *that* often, I'd 
be inclined not to release it _at all_ until you feel like its API and 
ABI are stable.

>> It would be great if you could freeze the ABI,
> No.
I'm not proposing to freeze the ABI forever -- even though if glibc can 
do it, you certainly can.

My proposal was more of a "freeze trunk's ABI and release it as 1.2, 
then do all ABI-breaking changes in a new 1.3/whatever branch".

>> -- or even better, do a 1.2 release, it's about time! :)
> I think Debian has no lessons to give when it comes to making timely
> releases :-D
Don't get me wrong, it's your project, your decisions and our problems 
are not exactly yours.

But right now you ship a 1.0 stable version that is _ancient_, a 1.1 
version which you don't consider release material, even though it has 
reached an considerable part of end users, and a 1.2 version which you 
consider beta and that you expect to frequentl break its ABI in the 
immediate future.

I'd really like if we could ship a libspeex version with lenny that is 
going to be supported by you, if need arises.
I'd like to also be able to release mumble with our new release, even 
though this is of secondary priority I guess.

What do you propose we should do?


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