Bug#510988: simpleopal: simpleopal example dies with segfault

danchev at spnet.net danchev at spnet.net
Thu Jan 8 09:18:13 UTC 2009

>> #2  0x00007f152a4a3065 in  
>> IAX2Processor::TransmitFrameToRemoteEndpoint () from  
>> /usr/lib/libopal.so.3.4.2
>> #3  0x00007f152a478349 in IAX2CallProcessor::ConnectToRemoteNode ()  
>> from /usr/lib/libopal.so.3.4.2
>> #4  0x00007f152a478dfd in IAX2CallProcessor::ProcessLists () from  
>> /usr/lib/libopal.so.3.4.2


We don't have /usr/lib/libopal.so.3.4.2 distributed with any debian  
package yet. What we have is 2.2.11~dfsg1-4 version (libopal.so.2*).  
Do you happen to have locally installed version which accidently links  
with simpleopal.

I'm also not able to reproduce this bug on my amd64 laptop.

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