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Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Thu Mar 11 21:58:10 UTC 2010

Stuff that is not yet in the archive:

* openr2: should be good now. Frankly the fact that it's not in the
          archive yet means Asterisk can't use it.
* yate: I believe 2.2 is ready for upload. See

Getting close:

Asterisk: I've been following and testing pre-releases of asterisk. (that we now have in Unstable) has some major issues for me. (already been tagged and should probably be released this
weekend) should probably have very few changes vs. it. So I prefer to
have it as the target version.

DAHDI-*: 2.3.0 will probably come out too late. I've already backported
a few simple and useful things from it. has been tagged, and
it has very few changes vs. 2.2.1. Basically support a bit more
hardware. I'd like to try to get it in.

asterisk-sounds/prompts: I hope to deal with those this weekend.

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