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He weird ululation of warning ringing in his ears. XVIII CHRISTMAS
Within a week of Christmas Bobby suddenly awoke to
the fact that he must

go shopping. He found that in ready money he
just one dollar and sixty-two cents; the rest he banked
at interest with his father.
With this amount he
would have to purchase gifts for the four of his immediate household,
Celia and Mr. Kincaid, of course. Besides them he would have liked to
get something

for Auntie Kate, and possibly Johnnie and Carter. Down town, whither
he was allowed to trudge one morning after lessons, he found bright
and gay with the holiday spirit.
Every shop window had its holly and red ribbon; and most
proper glittering
window displays appropriate to the season. In front of the grocery
stores, stacked up against the edges of the sidewalks, were rows and
rows of Christmas trees, their

branches tied up primly, awaiting purchasers. The sidewalks
were crowded with people, hurrying in and out of the shops, their
lips smiling but their eyes preoccupied.
Cutters, sleighs, delivery wagons on runners, dashed up and down the
street to a continued
merry jingling of bells. Slower farmers on sturdy sled runners crept
back and forth. A jolly sun peeked down between the tall buildings.
The air was crisp as frost-ice. Bobby wandered down one side the
street and back the other, enjoying hugely the varied scene, stopping
to look with a child's sense of fascination into even the hat-store
windows. He made his purchases circumspectly, and not
all on the same day. Only after much hunting of five- and ten-cent
departments, much investigation
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