Bug#598886: dahdi-source: vzaphfc does not work: "Unable to receive TEI from network"

karl156 karl156 at abwesend.de
Sun Oct 3 10:29:21 UTC 2010

> I suspect this is the making of mISDN. Is this reproducable when mISDN
> is blacklisted?

It also happens when mISDN_core and hfcpci are blacklisted and the dadhi
drivers are started during system startup. The kernel warning then
occurs 4 - 5 seconds after system start.

I could solve the TEI problem with a newer upstream version of vzaphfc.
There is a version specially for dahdi 2.3.0. (A version for 2.4.0 is
also available).

But the kernel warning problem remains. Maybe dahdi 2.4.0 can solve that

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