Pending gnutls28 transition (openssl wrapper)

Andreas Metzler ametzler at
Sun Oct 23 16:16:42 UTC 2011

Dear maintainers of packages linking against libgnutls-openssl27,

I will soon upload gnutls28 to unstable.[1] The package will use a new
name (libgnutls28-dev instead libgnutls-dev) for the development
package since many packages will require some handholding. 

However I would like to switch the libgnutls-openssl27 package over to
the new source package. (The alternative approach is to not build and
install the openssl wrapper library from gnutls28 immediately and go
through NEW two times) The packages using this compatibility wrapper
should not do any interesting things with gnutls and should just
continue to work.

Afaict from the respective debian/copyright files all 13 source
packages are GPLv3 compatible. [2]

An upload would have the following impact on your packages
* They would use the new gnutls library. Since most of these packages
  also link (unnecessarily, I guess) against the main gnutls library,
  the respective binaries will link against both gnutls version at

* The packages will FTBFS. As is now shipped in
  libgnutls28-dev the build-depency will need to be adjusted.

Therefore I ask you to check these things:
* The current binary continues to work if libgnutls-openssl27 from
  experimental is installed
* The source builds successfully against gnutls28 from experimental.
  (i.e. libgnutls-dev 3.0.4-1 or libgnutls28-dev 3.0.4-2 once it
  passed NEW.)

Thanks for your help.

[2] pokerth contains some GPLv2-only parts:
 Files: data/fonts/{c059013l,n019003l}.pfb
 Copyright: <C2><A9> Valek Filippov <frob at>
 Licence: GPL-2
However I think that is no problem, unless these fonts end up in the
binary that links against gnutls.

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