Bug#614786: A different solution/approach...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at linux.it
Thu Jan 12 10:27:33 UTC 2012

I've hit the same issue switching from lenny/asterisk1.6 from backport
to squeeze/asterisk1.6 ''mainline'', but i've found a different
solution, i think.

Digging around the web, i've found a page (sorry, i've lost the link)
that, roughly, say that the newer bluetooth daemon plugin setup are
loosely configured and bluetoothd load plugin that are not so useful,
plugin that tend to confuse/complicate the setup.

Anyway (i really understand very little of that things...), i've follow
the advice to disable unused modules, adding to

	DisablePlugins = network,input,pnat

(probably even better DisablePlugins = network,input,pnat,hal), i've
restarted bluetoothd and... asterisk connect to the phone flawlessy.

Just i'm here, i make another little note.
I've seen that on machine reboot, asterisk have no chan_mobile loaded;
if i restart asterisk, the module are loaded fine.
I've supposed that, on boot sequence, asterisk start before bluetoothd,
so probably chan_mobile refuse to load.

I've added 'bluetooth' to 'Should-Start:' on /etc/init.d/asterisk,
really i've not rebooted the box after that, so probably i've not fixed
this issue.


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