Kamailio for Debian 7 - deadline

Victor Seva linuxmaniac at torreviejawireless.org
Fri May 25 13:23:16 UTC 2012

Hi Daniel,

2012/5/25 Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.com.au>:
> I can see some things very quickly:
> debian/control, build-depends:
>   you need: debhelper (>= 9.0.0)
>   and maybe:  Standards-Version: 3.9.3
> debian/compat
>   must be 9 (not 8)
> debian/copyright:
>   `see AUTHORS file' might be unacceptable: Debian ftpmasters may
> reject the package.  Better to be safe and copy stuff from the AUTHORS
> file into debian/copyright


> debian/rules:
>  - I haven't looked too closely, I can see it started in 2006 and may
> not follow the current practices with debhelper, if you are not
> confident with this file, you could just try making a fresh one, e.g.
> just copy the rules file from my resiprocate package, study it carefully
> as you would probably need to change a few details, or you can use the
> command `dh_make' to create a fresh rules file

I'm not too confident but the rules do their job.

>  - the `get-orig-source' stuff - maybe it shouldn't be there, not sure
> about this

>From the README of pkg-voip team: "To download the *.orig.tar.gz to
the ../tarballs directory, most of the pkg-voip packages have a
"get-orig-source" target in their debian/rules. Further, there is a
"print-version" target showing the upstream version used for the
current packaging. You can run the get-orig-source directly from
trunk/ or tags/$version/."

So, this is fine.

> no `debian/kamailio.install' or similar files:
>  - how do you assign the files to packages?  I think you need a
> .install file for each binary package that is mentioned in
> debian/control.

The files are installed in the right directory
debian/kamailio-[module]-modules/ .... using the proper arguments with
make install.

> Are you also participating in the debian-mentors list?  There are many
> very helpful people there, someone always seems to respond to questions
> there within a short period of time.  You can also upload packages to
> the mentors site and it makes it very easy for people to evaluate them
> and give more feedback.

I'm already member of the pkg-voip team so I hope someone of team will
sponsor the upload when it will be ready.
But yeah, maybe I need to ask on mentors about this problem.

Thanks for your suggestions

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