Bug#703232: crash/assert() when peer retries request on reliable transport

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Sun Mar 17 11:19:52 UTC 2013

Package: repro
Version: 1.8.5-1
Severity: serious

repro occasionally stops.  If running as a daemon, there is no obvious
error output in syslog.

Running repro with console output enabled, the following assert() is

repro: TransactionState.cxx:2578: void
resip::TransactionState::sendCurrentToWire(): Assertion `0' failed.

and the process stops.

The issue has been studied by upstream developers and fixed in trunk for
some weeks, it is on the 1.8.x release branch and scheduled for the
imminent 1.8.7 upstream bugfix release.

Upstream mailing list discussion:


Fix in upstream repository on the 1.8.x release branch:


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