pkg-webkit group git repository

Mike Hommey mh at
Sat Aug 18 17:35:03 UTC 2007


I've set up a few days ago, a git repository following upstream
trunk[1], that I already announced on my previous email. Now I've set up
what can be called a filter branch, which tracks the git-svn branch, but
removing, for each commit, all the files we don't ship in the debian
source tarball. This special branch isn't actually branched from the
git-svn branch, which means cloning only the filtered branch doesn't
require to download all the objects we don't care about (and that's
100MB you don't have to download !).

Then, there is a new repository[2], that only tracks the filtered
branch. A debian branch (which is the HEAD) has been derived from there
and the initial release has been imported.

So you just need to clone this second repository (which is only a 16MB
download) to have everything you need.

I've been told there is actually a git repository maintained by
upstream, so the whole repository will probably end up rewritten if
I switch from using git-svn to cloning upstream's git repository. Well,
until I know exactly the url to clone, everything will stay as it is

Anyways, I'll be starting to prepare a new snapshot release soon, so you
may be able to see some commit messages on the pkg-webkit-commits list.

Stay tuned,


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