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 From Joseph Sheriff

ATTN: dearest one,
Permit me to inform you my heart desire for a business relationship  
with you. I
got your contact when I was searching for a foreign partner here in Abidjan
republic of Cote D'Ivoire on my search for honest and reliable person.  
I prayed
over it and decided to confide in you  I am Mr joseph Sheriff,( 22 years
old ),the only son of late Dr and Mrs.salieu Sheriff My father was a very
wealthy Gold/Diamond dealer in Abidjan the capital of Cote D' Ivore,

My father was poisoned to death by his close business
associates on one of their outings on a business trip.

My mother died when I was 15 years old
and since then my father took me so special.Before the death of my father last
year on  match 6th 2008, in a private hospital in Abidjan, he secretly called
me by his bed side and told me of a deposit of 26 million united state dollars
(Twenty Six MILLION DOLLARS)he concealed in a  Bank on the 2nd of JANUARY 2007
that he used my name been the only son as the next of kin when he  
deposited the

He  advised me to seek for an honest foreigner in a country of my choice those
associates will not hurt me as they have succeeded in poisoning him.For your
information , it has been difficult to know who is an honest person to assist
me in this transaction , and for me to continue silent over looking for
assistance while my money is in the bank i decided to make a try from you,

i ran away from our family house since my uncle wants to kill me because of
this certificate of depositsas he have suceeded in collecting all my father's
property left with this money;They continuously mal-treated me, and have made
life very unbearable for

The wife serve me a delicious poisoned rice meal last time,but for the Devine
mercy the daughter secretly whispered to me not to eat the meal; i wasted the
meal to the bin only to find two dead rat on the bin the following morning and
that made me to run away immediately from the house,

1.i want you To stand as my late father's foreign partner since my late father
deposited it to be clem by his foreign partner and no name was mentioned,

2.To help me come over to your country to further my education.

Dear  I am ready to offer you 17% of the total money for your help and 3% for
any expensese you mede because the bank told me that there most be an  

Sincerely,if you are capeble to handle this transation,please reply very fast
and also call me with this number for more infomations,+22547208289,

Joseph Sheriff

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