Webkit build issues

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Tue Apr 28 19:45:41 UTC 2009

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+ Cyril Brulebois (Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:09:53 +0200):

> Heya folks,

> after Ari asked on #dd, I was wondering where one can track the
> currently planned binNMUs, so that I could answer his “when will webkit
> stuff be rebuilt?” question. Is vorlon's page on ftp-master still the
> reference? (Old link I have in my bookmarks, but I bet it'd rather be
> somewhere on r.d.o).

No, there is no list of scheduled Bin-NMUs. Hopefully there'll be one
with the new buildd pages in the medium-term future, but at the moment
there is none.

Anyway, the exact list of Bin-NMUs is rather uninteresting. More
interesting can be, I think, the current list of known transitions
against which the Release Team works, which you were pointed at on IRC


If something's not on that list, we don't know about it. At the moment
we don't know about webkit: nobody has informed us about it. (I've added
it now.)

For each transition, it is said if has Bin-NMUs pending to be scheduled
or not. This has false positives (i.e., sometimes the "Needs another
Bin-NMU round: yes" is not true), but well, it works okay most of the

The thing is, if it's on that page, they'll get scheduled.

> Now, I've looked at the current Dep-Wait's (I think you usually trigger
> binNMUs when the build is available on all archs, or you use
> Dep-Wait's), but I've noticed the following chain:

> (seen on hppa, mips, sparc, possibly others)

> webkit     D-W on libsoup2.4-dev
> libsoup2.4 D-W on libproxy-dev
> libproxy   FTBFS because libwebkit-dev isn't installable
>                  (at least hppa, mips)

> I just thought I'd drop you a note about that.

I'm told Mike was looking into this, but it indeed looks like circular


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