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Mr Mou Xinsheng. mouxin11 at
Mon Jul 20 12:45:52 UTC 2009


Let me introduce myself,my name is Mou Xinsheng (Minister of General
Administration of Customs of the Peoples Republic of China).I have a secured
business proposal for you,which i believe will be beneficial to both of us i
want to solicit your attention.The purpose of my contacting you is because you
live outside China.

Actually i got your contact during my discreet search for a
reliable,successfull,business oriented partner.I feel it would be huge  
for you to receive such email from a serving minister of the People?s Republic
of China.I will give you more information about myself and the  
me if you see my business proposal as shameful and not honorable because of my
governmental status. But please excuse me and understand that this is the
situation I am and must find a credible partner outside China.In my years of
government service as Narcotics Control Commission and General Administration
of Customs, I have received kick backs from smugglers and business people
seeking favors from me and as a public officer my bank accounts are monitored
hence I diverted the funds Thirty million United States dollars for safe
keeping abroad.I want you to receive the money which has been in deposit since
the last Three years. When the money is in your bank account, I want to use
Sixty Percent of the money for charity to help orphanage Children suffering
(You will spare head  this project and my name will not be   
mentioned).You will
receive Twenty Percent as your commission and I will take the remaining Twenty
Percent as my share which I intend to settle with outside China.Please  
this proposal and reply to me soon. It will certainly do you no good to report
me to my  government authorities or divulge this information to  
anybody because
doing so will only destroy my person and my career.

If you are interested in my proposal,please contact me on my private email
address:mouxinsheng195 at I will send you more information about myself
and this proposal.

Thank you.
Mou Xinsheng.

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