Bug#520052: webkit: CVE-2008-4723 cross-site scripting vulnerability

Michael S. Gilbert michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 22:48:25 UTC 2009

reopen 520052
found 520052 1.0.1-4
fixed 520052 1.1.7-1

yes, i, as the original reporter, spent a non-insignificant amount of
time to determine that webkit is indeed affected.  in fact, i believe
that my description in the original report is very complete and
describes the extent of the problem very accurately.  enough so that
someone could come along and recheck the status.

i don't mean to sound rude, but if you wish to close bugs, please do the
requisite testing and background checking first.  i spent the time to
do a good job before submitting the bug.  please respect that by doing a
thorough job before closing the bug.  

also, you could have just asked me to recheck, which i have now done.
it appears that the problem is now resolved in unstable; however,
lenny is still affected.

kind regards,

[1] http://www.jorgan.users.cg.yu/gc-mf.txt

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