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NATWEST BANK PLC,   10 Southwark Street ,   London Bridge , London - UK   SE1 1TT   RC: 121878   Our Ref: NTB/WESTMIN/INTER-09   Your Ref: Affidavit: AFX 076GD7B24                                                                                   Dear Customer,       This is to notify you that Central Bank in collaboration with Bank Of England had contracted NatWest Bank Plc for a (Commercial Restructuring) to release your immediate part payment sum of US$4,000,000.00 for this quarter of the fiscal year 2009 without further delay.       With the information on my desk, I was made to understand that you have been going through hard ways by paying a lot of charges to see to the release of your funds which has been delayed. Please, from now henceforth stop further communication with any person(s) from any part of Africa , Europe or Asia .       You are not to pay any charges to
 receive your payment anymore as you have meet up with the whole requirements. Your representatives will tell you to still go ahead with them but on your own risk. Please be warned!!!!       The only thing required from you is to forward your Non-Resident Clearance Certificate/Receipt to this office, so that this office can file the document with our WIRE DEPARTMENT for the urgent release of your part payment sum of US$4Million.       The Central Bank and Bank Of England had paid our bank for handling/processing  your part payment for this fiscal year. As soon as we receive the above document, we shall effect your part payment wire transfer immediately without delay.       Will you follow our directives, your funds will reflect in your bank account within 24hours from the date we receive the document. Do not respond to any correspondence again from any person(s) but only to this Bank.       To facilitate the release of your part  payment sum of
 US$4Million,you are required as a matter of urgency to forward your Non Resident Clearance Certificate as requested above through my  email address as follows: Natwest.Bank at      Congratulations!       Dr. Joshua Larry.   Payment Coordinator.   Natwest Bank Plc. London U.K
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