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Fri Jan 15 15:06:42 UTC 2010

platform specific ones, because they are very different pieces of

So in the future if it will be packaged we will currently have
GtkWebkit, QtWebkit and V8/Cromium Webkit, possibly Maemo/S60 Webkits
as well. Which as far as I can see will be build out of different
branches from respective publishers. They are converging at different
levels for test-suites and core functionalities but ports still use
very different sets of dependencies and provide various degrees of

"WebKit is not a bundle of maximally general and reusable code."
"WebKit is not the solution to every problem." [1]

You really need to do a separate port / fork of it to make a library
for your needs.

And as for releases it's waterfall / rolling model with webkit
constantly targetting latest HTML / SVG / and other standards with
ports ship under their schedules.

This is very general overview and I might be wrong on a few things but
webkit is not a stable library with bindings it's more like LLVM which
you can use to build something you need.


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