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Sat May 8 15:47:17 UTC 2010


Due to the recent Obama's visit to Ghana and the A.U (African Union) Meeting that was concluded last Friday, in Ethiopia, the Ecowas committee on financial debts/settlement has decided that all affected beneficiaries will get paid, through online payment systems.

This is because some beneficiaries has faced much hazards in receiving their funds through other means of transfer i.e K.T.T  Key tested telegraphic transfer Check, And draft delivery  and diplomatic delivery, which often times turned out to be fraudulent act  by some mis-creants in our banking sector back home here in west Africa.

However, the Paris Club ,World Bank and the IMF therefore suggested that the online payment will be more safer and secured , in other to run away from the hazards that are faced with other modes/method of payment in this this magnitude.
Having said that, be advised to contact with the online bank, to enable you open an online bank account with the bank, thereafter you will commence withdrawal online with immediate effect!!

Meanwhile, do endeavor to call on the receipt of this mail to enable immediate accreditation to be made on your payment file, and enable us issue you the direct access contact to the payee bank

Yours Sincerely

 Mr.Desmond Kwame
Chairman Committee

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