Bug#567311: Bug# 567311: no longer works with youtube html5

Fabian Greffrath fabian at greffrath.com
Tue Sep 7 07:01:21 UTC 2010

Am 06.09.2010 19:11, schrieb Gustavo Noronha Silva:
> No, because we are more like Safari than like Chrome (we use the same JS
> engine as Safari, for instance), so we want to avoid them assuming
> anything that is only true for Chrome.

Alright, this is reasonable. But don't we also invite google sites to 
send stuff that is only intended for Chrome by spoofing the UAS via 
your patch?

> Also, we want the browsers like Midori and Epiphany to be able to set
> their own user agents, and just "spoof" (send the "standard" user agent)
> to those sites which are too stupid to do User Agent checks.

I understand that each browser should have its own UAS, but it does 
not make sense to me if this means the UAS has to be spoofed as soon 
as a specific site checks it. I see two reasons against it: (1) 
Manually maintaining a list of stupid UAS checking sites is cumbersome 
and error prone. (2) I have never experienced a site checking for 
"Midori" or "Epiphany", if they are clever sites they check for the 
used engine.

So why not keep the string as generic as possible and add as many 
"like Foo/X.Y" as needed to make silly sites happy that would get 
spoofed with a manipulated UAS anyway?

> A better place to discuss this is in the upstream bug report, though! =)

I would have loved to send it there, but I could not find it - there 
was no forwarded-to address set in the Debian BTS.

  - Fabian

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