Bug#642750: [PATCH] epiphany-browser: *HIGHLY* unstable on ia64, (IA-64/IPF/Itanium) platform

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Sun Dec 2 21:22:38 UTC 2012

> The proposed patch defines a third option
> which we use *only* on ia64.
> It uses an encapsulated union without any trick for the variant data  
> type. This is portable but
> - the data type is 128-bits wide,
> - Enabling JIT compiler isn't possible - that's not that bad; ia64  
> doesn't have a JIT compiler.
Is the type in question purely internal to webkit or is it also used by 
client applications? If the latter then presumablly a soname bump and 
hence a transition would be needed.

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